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Here's what folks are saying about KDs Allegro Pizzeria!

"The food is fantastic. From the Pizza to the Subs, Salads and Pasta. Everything I have tried is fantastic. The variety of subs and pizza toppings could have you eating something new for weeks! We love the Hot Sicilian Sub!"

- Deborah
"We all love KD Pizza and Subs. When we have friends over we order the subs, spuds, and suds. So much better than a burger and fries! We order from the Madison store, service is good and food is always great!"

- Tre
"We have been ordering from the Madison KD since it opened and they are very pleasant and always seem to have some good deals... They have a great Steak Sub!! Thanks Madison KD your the best!!!!"

- Kevin
"KD's is the local bastion of pizza-dom, refusing to give in to outside attackers, be they the ever-expanding university across the street or the horde of nationally-known competitors encroaching on its shores. When I was growing up, my family consistently chose KD Pizza over the others, devouring our fair share of its bubbly, and cheesy goodness. Believe me, KD... every time I drive by your storefront, alone as it is on College Ave. amid the university parking lots and new buildings, I look longingly at your doors and whisper wishes for your offerings."

- Adam
"KD Pizza = Good Pizza & Friendly Service. I love that I get really good pizza from here. I appreciate that service is good and everyone is really nice. Pizza is cut into squares and the slices are large. Their potato wedges are good and are super cheap. Pizza fold overs are very filling, and the boxes weigh a ton. Good buy for the dollar."

- Leo
"We LOVE the sub, spuds, and soda special. We eat dinner with my parents every Friday night for as long as I can remember. Dad always gets the Steak sub with cheese and BBQ only. WE have tried to duplicate this many times, but I guess you can"t duplicate perfection. Thanks for the great family tradition."

- Paula
"KD Pizza is the best option for a night owl college student such as myself. Their late hours and diverse menu keeps me coming back!"

- David
"Easily the best pizza joint in Ashland. And being a student at Ashland Univerity, the location is prime! We are all so thrilled to have you guys as campus neighbors!"

- Jeff
"Great pizza, great price and value, awesome subs."

- Gabe
"Good crust, good sauce, GREAT PIZZA!"

- Mike
"I love the cheap prices the late hours and the subs are to die for !!! Plus my son loves the personal pizza with the spuds deal for supper and lunch the next day !! Its great for any family any time !!"

- Hershey
"I love the dough and how soft it is. And you put just the right amount of sauce on. The cheese is to die for and your pizza never fails to satisfie me."

- melissa
"We love the fresh ingredience, how nice the staff always is, and the food is always hot when it is delivered. We love the pizza sauce and all the cheese!"

- Julie
"We love the unique taste of your pizza. Your baked spaghetti is awsome. We have never had a bad meal at KD PIzza and Subs!"

- Nichole
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"Great pizza, Great price and value. Awesome subs!"

- Gabe

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